Very Simple Javascript Slider Control

Version 1.0

Created: November 10, 2014
Last Modified: June 12, 2018
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  • Simple Javascript Slider Control
  • Completely crossbrowser javascript and html. Does not use jquery
  • Customize style with css
  • Horizontal or vertical slider
  • Options to have knob, slider, and/or buffer
  • HTML5 is not required. Works with HTML4
  • Uses mouse events (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera)
  • Uses touch events (iOS, iPhone, Android)


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Select Slider Skin:

Slider CSS Style: (Put in between <style> </style> tags just before </head> or put in css file.)

Slider HTML:


12/02/2014 - Added vertical-align: middle; to all horizontal slider CSS for better alignment.

11/21/2014 - Added display: inline-block; to all slider div's CSS so that they could easily be displayed next to text.

11/10/2014 - Version 1.0 - "Very Simple Javascript Slider Control" Created

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