This is why experts are concerned and why there are recommendations for "social distancing", "shelter-in-place", "stay at home", "no gatherings", "lockdown" and closing non-essential businesses. This page is dynamic. The future prediction calculations will change every day depending on how well each country is doing at social distancing and containing the coronavirus. The first chart shows the current confirmed total cases for each day and the confirmed deaths for each day due to coronavirus infection. The "increase" field is the increase from the previous day by percentage.

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These calculations are based on the daily averages of the exponential growth that is currently taking place. These calculations may be inaccurate. According to some experts it takes about two weeks for the daily growth rate to start decreasing after lock down or extreme social distancing measures have been started. So if more citizens are practicing social distancing and are not visiting friends, and more masks are being worn, first by medical personnel and patients and then by citizens in general, and more ventilators and beds are provided then the actual numbers should be lower when the date arrives.

Social distancing during a pandemic is not living your life in fear. It is living your life with love in your heart for others. (Matthew 22:37-40; Psalm 71:9; Leviticus 19:32)