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Here is a javascript script that let's you easily create maximize/minimize FAQ boxes for your website just like the FAQ boxes shown on this page.


  • Easy to create maximize/minimize boxes for FAQ on your Website
  • Customize Settings
  • Option to automatically change URL hash so that subject is jumped to if link is shared
  • Option to minimize all other boxes when another box is maximized


  1. To create a maxmin box add a "maxmin" class around the section in your HTML document. For example, you can put a div around a section like this:

    The first line in the maxmin box should contain the title for that section and it should be surrounded by one of these HTML tags: <b> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> or a tag with class="maxtitle"

    The above code will create a maxmin box that looks like this:

    Do you like cats? Yes I like cats.
  2. Upload maxmin.js to your server in the same folder as your html file and add the following code to your html document just after the <body> tag:

  3. You may edit maxmin.js before uploading it to your server and customize the following settings:




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8/6/2021 - Version 1.0c - Added blue border around maximized content to highlight it. Also added a leeway of 150px to scroll to maximized content that is near bottom of screen.

2/19/2021 - Version 1.0b - Added transition ease to minimizing/maximizing of boxes

9/10/2020 - Version 1.0 - Cool Javascript MaxMin FAQ Box Created

Do you like snakes?

A. Yes. I like snakes. In fact here are some reasons:
  • Snakes are cautious
  • Snakes take a while to warm up to people
  • Snakes are good for pests
Do you like dogs?
A. Yes. I like dogs. In fact here are some reasons:
  • Dogs are loyal
  • Dogs are funny
  • Dogs wag their tail
Do you like dinosaurs?
A. Of course I do. In fact here are some reasons:
  • Dinosaurs are cool!
  • Dinosaurs are huge
  • Dinosaurs are scary

Last updated on August 6, 2021
Created on September 11, 2020

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