Internet Tip #5 - Mapping (Find Zip Code), Satellite Views

When you need to find out where an address is located there are many options. I like to go to and click on "Maps" or go to:

Some of the features I like is that it gives you the zip code of the city, you can get driving directions (, you can also press a button and get traffic, Washington Mutual locations, wifi hotspots, restaurants and more. - Enter in the address and google gives you a nice map that you can easily scroll around on by clicking and holding your mouse button. You can also get a "satellite" view or a "hybrid" combination of satellite view and mapping of roads. - If you have high speed Internet, a fast computer and a good video card then you can download Google Earth (free version) from here. It is a great program that lets you see satellite views of the earth, zoom in easily, scroll around and turn on 3D terrain.

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November 1, 2005