Internet Tip # 3 - Traffic - real-time traffic

Created: October 23, 2005
Last Edited: November 17, 2008
Subscribe to Internet Tips and Tools Feed - Real time traffic in multiple cities and states including San Jose and San Francisco. Great site if you are planning on driving to a big city. It doesn't have little cities like Monterey though. - Shows a quick list of traffic incidents of area's in California. Under "Area" you can pull down cities such as Monterey, Merced, and the Bay Area.

You can go to and click on maps or go to: - Enter in the city and state. On the right side of the map you will see a heading called "Traffic", click on a button labeled "View". You can put your mouse over traffic incidents to see what is going on. You can also click on areas where there is road construction and see when they are doing roadwork. Scroll around on the map to see other areas.

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