Batch Silent Uninstall

Created: April 14, 2015
Last Modified: February 22, 2018
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The problem with Windows Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs to Uninstall a Program is that you have to select each program one by one and uninstall each program one at a time while answering a bunch of Yes/No questions and pressing Next.

I have researched many programs to batch silent uninstall or batch quiet uninstall a program, but many of the programs did not work well for unattended uninstallation. I am not much of a windows programmer but I do know a lot about batch programming and web programming. So I created this webpage so you can download a script that creates a text file with a list of installed programs on your windows PC and then you can paste the list here and this script will let you check which programs you want to uninstall and it will create a text file that you can save as a batch file and run it to silently uninstall the checked programs. dlc_b


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WARNING!!! Use the scripts on this page at your own risk! You could accidently delete important programs.

The file programlist.bat basically contains the command:
wmic product get name >list.txt
reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" /s | findstr "DisplayName HKEY_ UninstallString" >list2.txt

Paste list.txt in this textbox:

Check which programs you want to batch silent uninstall:

Copy and paste the text below and put into text file called uninstall.bat and run the file As Administrator in windows:NOTE: You must right click on the bat file you create and click "Run as administrator" or the programs will not uninstall and you get ReturnValue = 1603; instead of ReturnValue = 0;

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