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Created: November 8, 2005
Last Edited: December 9, 2009
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1/14/08: New Spanish Talking Dictionary!!!

When I am reading and I come across an unfamiliar word I like to be able to know its definition and its proper pronunciation. For this I use a few free online tools. - This is a great web site to look up definitions. It also shows you how to pronounce the words. It gives you a "Pronunciation key" that teaches you how to read the marks on the letters in dictionaries or the marks in the Bible so that you can learn how to pronounce words. New as of 4/10/08: There now seems to be an audio pronunciation of the words for free!

 Search:   for - Merriam-Webster Online. This site is both a dictionary and a thesaurus. This site will play an audio clip of the word for free. - This is MSN Encarta's dictionary. It will also play an audio clip of the word for free. You can also get access to this dictionary and the Encarta Encyclopedia by going to

Search Encarta: - In My opinion is the best spanish online dictionary. Look up words in spanish or english. Also has audio output pronuncation.


Yahoo Spanish Dictionary - This free dictionary from yahoo looks up spanish words and has audio output.

Search Yahoo Spanish To English Talking Dictionary: - This is the best spanish verb conjugator online. Unlike other conjugators, this one lets you seach for conjugated forms such as tengo or tienes and not just the infinitive form of ther verb tener.

Search - This spanish dictionary isn't as good as the others for looking up words. But it has one great feature. Click on any word in the definition and then click on "speak" and it will pronounce it with audio pronunciation. This includes conjugated forms of verbs in the definitions. This is the only spanish dictionary that does this that I know of.


Some spanish words have letters with accent marks. In order for the yahoo dictionary to display some of these words correctly you may have to type the word with the accent marks on the letters. To do this, make sure your NUM LOCK is ON and then hold the ALT key on your keyboard and then using the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard press the three numbers that correspond to the letter, then release the ALT key. Or as an alternative method you can click on the letter and it will put the letter in the search box above. ALT + 160
ALT + 130
ALT + 161
ALT + 162
ALT + 163
ALT + 164

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